The Main Museum Building

Circa 1937
This building was built as a show home by the Hudson's Bay Co: It was the original rectory for St.Michael's Roman Catholic Church. The Slavic cultures are well represented by costumes, folkart, religious artifacts, furniture and tools used in everyday life.



Bannish Home

Circa 1910
This early home has been refitted to reflect the life of a more prosperous pioneer farm family, including unique kitchen and garden utensils.



Blacksmith and Woodworking Shop

Circa 1909
A fully equiped authentic blacksmith shop, originally situated in Bird's Hill, was brought to the museum grounds and painstakingly reconstructed. Inside you will find farrier equipment, shoemakers tools, a wood worker's shop, and many other fascinating tools from the early 1900s.



Restored Pioneer Home

Circa 1910
Look inside and be transported back into the time before cars, electricity and television.
This simple building was home as the immigrants began a new life in Canada.




Wayside Chapel

This little building holds no more than six people. It was originally situated on Henderson Hwy., in Winnipeg, as a place of rest for weary travellers.






A Prairie Museum dedicated to Manitoba's Pioneers from the Eastern European Slavic countries.